French Style. Myth or Legend?

From their clothes, hairstyles, and choice of pooches, French people are renowned worldwide for their style choices. But is it actually Style, or is it just Simple Basics?

The question is often thrown around about French Chic - "do the French really have great style, or is it a learned behaviour?"

French Style Mavens

"Fashion changes, but style endures" said style maven Coco Chanel. She also said "Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance."

As a French native, I like to aspire to both of those quotes. I think of my wardrobe as a 'Collection' that I can build upon with simple basic structures. I was taught to invest in 'forever pieces' rather than to embrace fast fashion, and to ensure that every piece of my Wardrobe Collection complements each item. My mother instilled in me that the most important thing to remember when buying clothing was to make sure it suited my personality. Growing up in France, many little girls and boys are taught the elements of grace, style, and simplicity with not only our choice of clothes, but the way we furnish and decorate our houses, the way we entertain, and the food we eat. And foremost to all of this is to ensure you embrace choices that enhance your character.

French Style Emanates from Confidence

Like any thing in life, when you are confident and self-assured you will look naturally at ease, elegant and stylish. With confidence, you do not need a lot of accessories and bling as these can detract from your naturalness, and your Style. If I decide to have an elaborate hair-do for an occasion, I will minimise my makeup and accessories. Conversely, if I want to have my makeup done professionally, I will keep my hairstyle natural.

But Not all French People Exude Style!

Style is learned, and not everyone has that opportunity.

As with anywhere in the world, some people 'have got it' and others do not, whether that be in what they wear, how they present their house, and the food they prepare and eat. When I lived in France, I saw many people who simply had no fashion nous at all! And I do not mean the tourists. We either embrace style or we do not.

So is French Style Myth or Legend?

I guess that's up to you to decide!