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Play and Learn in French, for children 12 years and under.

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How is French taught to students? Destination France adopts a child centred approach that encourages pupils to take learning into their own hands and by following their natural curiosity and passions. The use of high-frequency vocabulary is introduced with gestures. With this method, children are MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY ACTIVE using their whole bodies and all their senses. Students discover French through scaffolding techniques which use Drama and games. By focusing on their interpersonal and group skills, pupils develop a better understanding and greater motivation for learning French. In the second term, students will be able to participate in a short theatre play in French! Why teach French using Drama ? There are many common points between acting and learning a second language. Learning French is in some ways learning to be a different person. Drama enhance the development of key skills such as the imaginative enjoyment of the learner's mental and physical capacities. Drama support the learning of all the different types of learners (Kinesthetic, visual, auditory, reading/writing) and is relevant to pupils with educational needs. It helps to extend their range of vocabulary and pupil's ability to express emotions. Learning through play Play provide learners with the opportunity to: learn and practice French, increase their motivation for learning, release energy, develop positive social skills. In this class, parents of young children get the opportunity to learn French with their children if they want to. Class details: GROUP CLASSES FOR 6 WEEKS 1 child (with or without a parent) - $120 No textbook is required! Children need to be at least in Year 1 to be accepted in this class Although terms follow school holidays, this term the class will commence in week 5.  Most frequently asked question: Can a child with special needs learn French? The question is not so much if they can learn but how teachers and family members are going to work together to help them achieve their personal best? French can be accessible to pupils with a number of special needs by teaching them in different ways or shifting the focus on cultural aspects rather than just studying the language. By learning French, students can discover the diversity of people and culture and help them to realise that we are all different and that is why the world is such a fascinating place.

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